Link Up with Prospects On LinkedIn

Chances are you already have a basic LinkedIn profile – but is it getting you leads? Optimizing your profile so that it appeals to prospects and referral sources is well-worth your time. Here are four proven, simple tips to follow.

Put your best face forward.

Your profile pic is the first thing visitors see, so be sure it's sending the right message. It should be a clear photo of your face where you're easily recognizable. Experiment with different lighting to obtain better results.

Make your intro compelling.

This can be derived from your "elevator pitch". It should tell visitors who you are and what you can do for them. Remember, you're limited to 220 characters, so be short and punchy without exaggeration.

Add your USP to your profile summary.

USP is a marketing acronym for Unique Selling Proposition. What's your unique talent? Do you specialize in certain property types, or have problem-solving skills in certain areas? You can add any impressive sales stats here, too.

Ask for recommendations.

These truly differentiate you from the competition. When a prospect sees that you've been professionally recommended, it puts you a giant step forward of agents who don't have this type of support on their profile.

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